Who is MasterChef Danilo's wife, where is she from? Who is Danilo Zanna, how old is she?

TV8, one of the judges in Turkey published MasterChef screen Danilo began to be widely Chief agenda again. The wife of Danilo, who was watched by the audience laughing, began to be wondered as much as the wife himself. Who is Danilo Zanna, how old is she? Searching for answers to questions. The answer to these questions is in our news…

New episodes of MasterChef, the food competition that gives every audience enjoyable moments, continue to be published. Some information about Danilo Zanna, one of the most interesting jury members of MasterChef, one of the most popular contests of TV8 screens, and his wife is curious. So who is MasterChef Danilo's wife, where is she from? Who is Danilo Zanna, how old is she? Details are in the news…


Danilo Zanna, who married Tuğçe Demirbilek in 2012, has a child named Zeno Tibet, born in 2013. Tuğçe Demirbilek was born in Giresun in 1981. There is no information about which district of Giresun, Tuğçe Demirbilek, who was stated to be Giresunlu by his father, was born. Tuğçe Demirbilek, who met Danilo Zanna in Istanbul and married in 2012, brought their son Zeno Tibet to the world a year later.


Italian Danilo Zanna was born on April 15, 1982. Danilo Zanna, the youngest of the three siblings, started her career as a chef by working in family restaurants. He studied Gastronomy in Italy. Travel came for love in Turkey where he decided to stay here.

He started to work as a conductor in various TV programs. He prepared Italian food workshops at Istanbul Culinary Institute and consulted gastronomy students. Derya's World took part in projects such as Italian Business, Elin Son, Time of Love, Good Idea, Görümce, Song of Flavor, Academy of Flavor.

"An Italian, a Dutch ... 20 city, 20 different EU project" with the motto of the European Anatolia Taste toured in different provinces of Turkey with the program Wilco van Herpen.

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