Lockdown in Punjab, traders announced opening of markets

Lockdown in Punjab, traders announced opening of markets

On Tuesday, all retail markets will remain open under SOPs and the government will stop the problem, said business leader Tariq Aziz.

Lahore: Lockdown in Punjab, traders markets
Announced opening. According to details, the Punjab government had announced a lockdown on the occasion of Eid yesterday, which was declared unacceptable by the traders. However, now Punjab traders have announced to keep the markets open. An emergency meeting of business leaders was held in Lahore in which business leader Tariq Javed said that on Tuesday all retail markets would remain open under SOPs and the government had stopped it.

Naeem Mir, leader of All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran, said that the notification of long lockdown during Eid days was a gross abuse, traders should continue their business without fear and their representatives would be present in the markets.

While doing so, Naeem Mir said that the job of the government is to provide employment, not snatch it, we will fight it, we will help small traders, we will not leave them alone.

The business leaders further said that the traders are dependent on these 3 days, the government should not uproot us, otherwise we will be on the streets. It is to be noted that this was also opposed by the business leaders on the previous day. Speaking on the occasion, Kashif Chaudhry, President, Central Federation of Traders of Pakistan, said that the talk of lockdown before Eid has caused great concern to the traders. The government's job is not to give up rumors, but to solve problems. ۔

Why does the government want to push peaceful traders to protest' He asked. Only the wrong strategies and decisions of the government can lead to the spread of Corona. Demanding that shops be open 24 hours till Eid, the President of Traders of Pakistan said that the rush can be overcome only by increasing the business hours during Eid. It may be recalled that earlier the Punjab government had decided to close all markets for eight days.

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