Death of Olivia de Havilland, star of Gone with the Wind, at 104

Death of Olivia de Havilland, star of Gone with the Wind, at 104

LOS ANGELES | Hollywood actress Olivia de Havilland, who had notably played in Gone with the Wind , died Sunday in Paris, where she resided, at the age of 104, her agent announced.

"Dame Olivia de Havilland passed away peacefully from natural causes," said US agent Lisa Goldberg in a statement about the two-time Oscar-winning actress for best actress.

She died in her Parisian residence, in France, where she had lived since the early 1950s, she added, specifying that strictly "private" funerals would be organized.

In France
, she had been married to Paris-Match journalist Pierre Galante, after a first marriage with American screenwriter Marcus Goodrich. President Nicolas Sarkozy awarded him the Legion of Honor in 2010.

Unforgettable Mélanie of the enormous success " Gone with the Wind " (1939) by Victor Fleming, she was the dean of Hollywood, of which she embodied the golden age of the years 1930-1940.

She died five months after another sacred monster of American cinema of her generation, Kirk Douglas, who died in February at the age of 103.

Several times nominated, Olivia de Havilland won the Oscar for best actress for " To Each His Own Destiny " (Mitchell Leisen, 1946) and " The Heiress " (William Wyler, 1949).

" Power and courage "

The Academy of Oscars has also hailed on Twitter "a true legend of the film industry", "a pillar of the golden age of Hollywood and an immeasurable talent".

"The world has lost an international treasure," her ex-lawyer Suzelle Smith told AFP. She would like to be remembered with joy pride, and with a glass of champagne.

Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, reminded AFP that Olivia de Havilland had been "the first woman president of the jury" of the French film event.

and at a time of questioning the place of women in cinema and in society in general, we must above all remember her through the force that was hers when she attacked the studio system to free actresses of contracts who exploited them, ”he said, assuring that this“ Hollywood queen ”had demonstrated“ strength and courage ”throughout her career.

Olivia de Havilland had won in 1943 against the Warner studio, which refused to release her from her contract, a legal victory which will set a precedent in the defense of the rights of actors.

A legacy hailed by American actor Jared Leto, who wrote on Twitter that he had "the pleasure of spending time with her in Paris".

I thanked her for her courage and told her how her choices impacted me and my brother, he added It was amazing to meet her. It s a legend! "

“Olivia de Havilland has spent part of her life making people forget that she was capable of playing roles other than cute, well-behaved young ladies-Total: 2 Oscars and the 1st female presidency of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival + a quarrel for life with Joan Fontaine, his sister ”, also reacted on Twitter the former president of the festival Gilles Jacob.

She was indeed the sister of this other Oscar winner, who died in 2013, with whom she had a stormy relationship.

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