Heavy rains wreak havoc on Islamabad airport

Heavy rains wreak havoc on Islamabad airport

Due to strong winds, winds and rain, roofs collapsed in many places, glass gates collapsed and many windows were shattered, boarding bridge was also damaged, mobile tower in the parking lot also collapsed.

ISLAMABAD: Twin cities of Pakistan, the federal capital and Rawalpindi, have been hit by torrential rains with strong winds in the evening, after which the heat wave subsided but at the same time, the New Islamabad Airport was also damaged. According to details, heavy rains lashed the federal capital Islamabad on Tuesday evening.

As a result, the country's largest new Islamabad airport, built a few years ago, was devastated. The torrential rains and storms also opened the floodgates of the Civil Aviation Authority's performance in maintaining the Islamabad Airport. New Islamabad International Airport has been severely damaged by strong winds, winds and rains.

The roof collapsed due to the storm and the glass gate in the lounge collapsed.

The windows were also broken. The boarding bridge carrying passengers was severely damaged. The tin wall of the boarding bridge collapsed on one side. The tower is used for international flights. The mobile tower in the airport parking lot could not withstand the strong winds and collapsed. Fortunately, no casualties were reported at the airport despite the devastation.

After such a catastrophe at the Islamabad airport, people have expressed their grief and anger on social media. People say that this airport is considered to be the most modern and world class airport in the country, but a rain has exposed the negligence in the maintenance of this airport. The government should immediately address this issue and ensure regular maintenance of the airport.

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